Preparation of the poster

The preparation of the poster must strictly follow the instructions:

1. The size of the poster should be 120cm (height) x 90cm (width);

2. Arial font in the minimum size 36 for the text and at least 44 for the title. All elements must be legible at a distance of 1.5 m;

3. Center the title at the top and below the names of the authors and the institution.

4. The structure of the scientific work should contain the same elements indicated in the summary: Introduction, Objective, Method, Result, Conclusions and main references.


Important: It is recommended that some information be presented in graphics, figures and tables, avoiding long texts and facilitating a quick understanding by the reader, which makes the poster more attractive for the participants of the Meeting.

5. The poster should be presented on the day and at pre-established times, allowing for the wide visitation of the participants and discussion with the authors of the works.

6. The authors are responsible for the setting and removal of the poster.

7. The content of the poster should be similar to that of the abstract.